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Lip Pop – What’s it all about?

By February 27, 2018November 4th, 2021No Comments

The Botox Lip Pop is quickly becoming one of our most asked for treatments at our Utah medical spas. A quick and easy treatment, it’s no wonder why they’re becoming so popular!

When we think about Botox or Dysport, typically we think about injections in the forehead or crows feet. Botox injections are becoming increasingly popular in lesser known areas like the upper lip, under arms and hands (sweating), chin, under eyes, neck and just about anywhere else.


A “Lip Pop” is basically just a few small injections of Botox in the upper lip. Injections in upper lip area (between your actual lip and your nose) help relax the muscles in the area, reduce wrinkles (smoker / straw lines) and can even help turn the upper lip up, creating a fuller, more kissable appearance.

The Lip Pop is extremely popular to help women who have a “gummy smile”. Many women aren’t happy with how their lip practically disappears or recedes too far up the mouth when they smile, showing a lot of the gums above their teeth. Our expert injectors can help relax the muscle that pulls the lip upwards, so when you smile your lips will cover more of your gums.

The Lip Pop is also a great preventative option for ladies who drink a lot of soda. We love our daily trips to Sodalicious or Swig, but sipping on straws all day is almost as bad as smoking. The more you pucker the more likely you’ll be to develop deep wrinkles in your upper lip. The Lip Pop lets you enjoy your soda while keeping your pucker at bay. Using a straw, once the Botox kicks in, will take a little getting used to at first, but it’s worth it—trust us!

Watch the Lip Pop in action:


Like any other Botox or Dysport treatment, the Lip Pop takes around 5-10 days to fully kick in, and lasts around 4 months.

Interested in a Lip Pop? Spa Trouvé is a leader in Botox treatments in Utah. Our Highland, Orem, Draper, and St. George offices have knowledgeable and experienced Utah Botox injectors and will make you feel comfortable.


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