How Medical Cosmetology Procedures Can Enhance your Natural Beauty


How Medical Cosmetology Procedures Can Enhance your Natural Beauty

Throughout history, humans have struggled to enhance their appearance but in a way that makes the enhancements seem natural. Today’s cosmetology procedures enhance your natural beauty with such success that you will not need to pile on the cosmetics.

Cosmetics have been around for at least two million years, with the use of face and body paints dating as far back as the Paleolithic era. People began applying rouges and powders during the Shang and Zhou dynasty in about 1600–1050 B.C. It became popular to discuss cosmetics during China’s Spring and Autumn dynasties and, over time, cosmetology and traditional Chinese medicine began to fuse together as healers began to understand the mental health benefits of looking good.

In modern life, it is not enough to slather on some makeup – cosmetics must enhance the wearer’s natural beauty. In fact, Americans were reluctant to alter their looks in any way that created an unnatural look until quite recently. Although hair dyes have been around for centuries, only models, actresses and “fast women” colored their hair until the 1950s and ‘60s, when Clairol introduced their famous hair dye campaign slogan, “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.”

This old ad revolutionized cosmetics in the United States in two very important ways. First, it made it okay for women to dye their hair. Second, saying that Clairol was so good that only professionals could tell the difference created a lasting trend towards cosmetology products and procedures that enhance natural beauty rather than just covering it up.

Medical Cosmetology Procedures that Improve Upon Nature

Medical cosmetology can actually enhance your natural beauty merely by perfecting what nature has already given you. Smooth, flawless skin does not need as much makeup to look healthy, for example, and long-term hair removal reduces the need for shaving with a razor or using harmful chemicals on your skin.

Laser hair removal leaves the skin on your face and your body looking smooth, whereas shaving and plucking leave behind unattractive bumps and acne-like breakouts. Chemical hair removers, in comparison, are tough on your skin and do nothing to prevent hair from growing back darker and more noticeable than ever before. After repeated laser hair removal treatments, however, hair grows back finer and lighter in color. Waxing is also infinitely better than plucking, as it removes unwanted hair for up to eight weeks.

Skin care procedures vastly improve upon nature by making your skin so smooth and attractive, you will not need makeup! Chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and laser skin tightening removes tired old skin cells and promotes the development of fresh, healthy looking skin. Permanent makeup eliminates the need for any makeup at all.

Botox enhances your natural beauty by stopping the natural aging process it its tracks, so you will not need to cover your wrinkles with makeup or use messy creams to stay young looking.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) “Vampire Facials” are the ultimate in enhancing natural beauty with what you already have inside you. The PRP procedure uses plasma and platelets collected from your own body to reduce pigment, reduce stretch marks, and treat wrinkles and light scarring, saving you from having to wear a ton of makeup to hide these flaws.

Today’s cosmetology procedures can enhance your natural beauty so well, people will be saying “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her cosmetologist knows for sure.”

For more information on enhancing your natural beauty with medical cosmetology procedures, contact Spa Trouve.

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