A Bloody Facial - Spa Trouvé

What better way to celebrate this Halloween holiday than by getting in touch with your innervampire? The PRP Facial, otherwise known as the Vampire Facial, is sure to make your spooky Halloween dreams come true!

Forget looking like a zombie, the PRP Facial helps boost collagen regrowth creating a tighter, more youthful looking skin! So how exactly does that work? Because we know it isn’t magic! The procedure starts by drawing blood from your arm. This blood is what will be used in the procedure, making the procedure autologous, meaning all of the products used come from your body. The PRP Vampire Facial is taking Utah by storm!

microneedling PRP

PRP Vampire Facial before microneedling, during, and right after!


Liquid Gold – PRP from your own body!

Once your blood is drawn, we use a machine to separate the platelets in your blood to be used in the procedure. These platelets are then injected into your skin using a microneedle. So don’t worry about coming out looking like a scene from a horror movie, this procedure is as invasive as a normal microneedling procedure. The only difference being the platelets from your blood are being used.

So why use your blood platelets for this procedure? Using your own blood plasma and platelets helps to stimulate your collagen in your face. Which in turn helps to tighten the skin and bring back your youthfulness.

Some benefits of the PRP Facial are to reduce pigment, reduce stretch marks, treat wrinkles, and help lessen scarring. Results are usually seen in just one treatment, but you should consult your esthetician about desired results.

So don’t be scared, or afraid, and have a very vampire Halloween season!