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Why Microblading Isn’t Just a Fad

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Bold, defined brows are a hot trend, led by Instagram superstars like Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne. Unfortunately, you may not be blessed with the full, dark hair you need to pull this look off. You can make this youthful, vibrant trend come to life with a fistful of powders, gels, and brushes. However, you may end up like Alyssa Coscarelli: “Before I knew it, I was spending a whole 10 to 15 minutes on my brow routine every morning, and when you’re not a morning person, this gets old fast.”

What about a long-term, no-fuss solution? What about eyebrow tattoos? Or even better…the newer, less invasive process of microblading?

Permanent makeup has come a long way. Long gone are the days of cartoonish, overdrawn lips and brows that look like they were applied with a black marker. Modern dyes come in a variety of flattering colors and safe formulations, and the application techniques employed in medspas are subtle and flattering with quick recovery times.

Lately, there’s been buzz about a new technique, sometimes called ‘eyebrow embroidery’ or ‘microblading.’ This is similar to eyebrow tattooing, but is much safer and less invasive…as the ink only enters the outermost layer of skin, also called the epidermal layer. Meanwhile true eyebrow tattooing is injected further into the dermis, or inner layer of skin. You will be so pleased with the gorgeous, natural look this process gives you. So I’m sure you’re wondering, “How is it done?”

Eyebrow Embroidery, Step by Step:
First, you need to locate a professional who is trained in this technique and will do it in a safe, sterile manner. You may have excellent results with a specialist at a medspa. The browologist will look at the ideal shape of your brows, and may mark the outline or fill them in with removable marker. Don’t worry, you won’t look like this forever!
Next, numbing cream will be applied to your skin. You may find yourself sitting for a while, to give the cream time to do its work. Meanwhile, the browologist will match their inks to your brow hair’s natural color. For best results, they may do a custom blend of dyes.
Once your face is numb, they will begin the blading process. This part of the procedure is faster than you may think, sometimes taking just ten minutes! You may feel pressure or a slight scratching sensation.
You can expect a healing time of 1-2 weeks. Your browologist will explain how to care for your skin during and after the procedure.

The Results:
“I held the mirror close to my face in disbelief at what I was seeing. I finally had the brows I always wanted.”
– Alyssa Coscarelli

Eyebrow tattoo fans like Alyssa have raved about the natural results of this technique. Eyebrow embroidery uses fine lines that mimic your own eyebrow hairs and follow the curves of your face. Your brows will look fabulously, naturally thicker.

This semipermanent tattoo is designed to last at least a year. It will fade over time but you can keep the brows looking fabulous for longer by wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin. You can also schedule a brow touchup.

Learn More About Safe, Subtle Eyebrow Tattoos
At Spa Trouve, our staff would be delighted to answer any questions you have about this lifechanging cosmetic procedure. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

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