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1. The Trouve Trifecta is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is new to medical grade skin care products, or just starting out on their skincare journey. The TRIFECTA includes the 3 products that we genuinely believe no one should live without, including: Elta MD medical-grade sunscreen to prevent UVA, UVB, and blue-light exposure, SkinCeuticals Antioxidant for ultimate free-radical protection, and SkinMedica 1.0 Retinol to help prevent acne and improve skin tone and texture. Each bag comes with a complimentary chemical peel to help jump-start your skin health.! Head over to www.spatrouve.com and we can book you an appointment to get yours, today!

2. Botox may seem intimidating, but the softened appearance that Botox can provide is unmatched! Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause deep lines and wrinkles. Botox does not enter the bloodstream and has been proven safe and effective for millions of people. In fact, its original use is for helping with muscle spasms, voice disorders, and bladder problems. The total treatment time from start to finish is only 10 minutes, and there are virtually NO side effects except for looking like a rested, more youthful YOU! The onset of Botox takes about 7 days, and the fabulous thing is that if you dislike the results, the Botox wears completely off after 4 months and your original look will appear just as it was before your treatment. You have nothing to lose except a refreshed, beautiful look with Botox! You can purchase Botox on the Spa Trouve online store at www.shopspatrouve.com.

3. The Video Editor app is my absolute favorite app for editing my podcast clips and creating videos for the Spa Trouve Instagram page. This app allows you to add, cut, and edit multiple clips at once, and can add your favorite music to the clips, as well as change the format to fit any screen. You can also speed up or slow down individual clips and adjust the filters to add some personality to your videos. FUN TIP! You can download a basic version app for FREE on your iPhone.

4. Let’s just say I may not survive without my GOLDEN COIL planner (www.goldencoil.com). These beautiful planners have customizable covers, lay-outs, and add-ons, and are extremely durable (take it from someone who carries around a planner like a baby carries their binky). PRO-TIP: I’ve started using an erasable pencil, and it has changed my life! With my ever-changing schedule, my erasers have become like MAGIC (pun intended). Bring back your #2 pencil or borrow one from your kids back-pack and please call me when it changes your life. 😊

5. Although I’m a sucker for medical grade skincare, you will also find me walking the cosmetic isle of Walgreens to snatch up the classic Maybelline Great Lash Mascara! This tiny pink bottle with a lime green lid has been giving my lashes a boost since 1994. It layers beautifully on natural lashes and provides the perfect “thickness,” but also works wonders on eyelash extensions, and eyelash strips to helps to “blend in” your natural lashes. You can find it at www.walgreens.com.