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What is PRF or PRF Gel?

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is the plasma component derived from a patient’s whole blood sample that contains platelets, stem cells, growth factors, and other components of the cellular clotting/healing cascade. It is all-natural and has no additives or anticoagulants.

PRF Gel consists of the same PRF regenerative properties, but adds an albumin gel component to make it an all-natural alternative to filler.  The albumin component also extends cellular activation from 5-7 days with regular PRF, to 4-5 months with PRF Gel.

Why is PRF used?

In esthetic applications it is used to stimulate the body’s own healing and regenerative processes to grow collagen and improve skin integrity, or stimulate hair growth.

In areas where volume restoration is also desired PRF Gel is the best option., ex: tear troughs.

How is PRF / EZ Gel used?

At our spas in Utah, PRF is injected intradermally for tissue regeneration and collagen stimulation, or into the scalp for hair restoration.

What is the typical treatment recommendation for PRF?

PRF Gel: Minimum of 2 sessions for best results, may need more based on assessment and patient response.  Space treatments 6-8 weeks apart ideally.  Typical treatment areas for PRF Gel are under eyes, cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin shadow. Can also treat temples, preauricular, lips and lip lines.  Can also be used in neck or necklace lines.  

PRF hair: Minimum of 4 sessions recommended, staggering 6 and 8 weeks apart to maximize different phases of hair growth cycle.  Clients are strongly encouraged to take a hair growth supplement at home, such as Nutrafol. 

After the desired result is achieved one treatment is recommended yearly for maintenance, or as needed due to illness, high stress, etc.

How soon will the people see results with Utah PRF Treatments?

The tissue regeneration and collagen stimulation can be seen as soon as 6 weeks with continued cellar activation from 4-5 months will full results in about 6 months 

Who shouldn’t get PRF Treatments?

You should not have a PRF injection if you have the following: Cancer or metastatic disease, An active infection, A low platelet count, Pregnant/Breastfeeding.

Is there a Consultation Fee to see if I’m a candidate for PRF Treatments near me?

Spa Trouvé is pleased to offer complimentary consultations at all of our locations in Utah. We have offices in Draper, Orem, Bountiful, Saratoga Springs, Highland, and St. George.

Are there any Potential Side-Effects or Special Post Care instructions for PRF Treatments?

Most clients will have swelling for 3-4 days, and bruising is common around the eyes.  Instruct clients to avoid icing the area or using NSAIDs.  We are purposely stimulating the inflammatory response and do not want to suppress it if possible. Advise clients to take Tylenol if needed for pain/headache. We recommend sleeping slightly elevated to manage swelling.

Results take time, allow 6 months for full effect. Additional treatments can be done as desired or indicated.

*Individual results may vary

Wondering where you can find PRF Treatments near me? Spa Trouvé is offering FREE PRF Consultations now at their locations in Orem, St. George, Highland, Draper, Saratoga Springs and Bountiful Utah!

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