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Photofacial – Reversing the Consequences of our Youth!

By August 16, 2013No Comments

We are a generation of people who LOVE to be tan! Tanning salons are big thing, we love getting spray tans, going to tanning booths, and of course, laying out by the pool in the summer to get our summer glow. We are definitely in a time where being tan is the trend.

And I can’t say that I’m any different. I definitely had my days as a teenager and into my college years where I would go to tanning beds, sit by the pool, lay out on the beach and soak in as many rays as I could get.

But many of us are now starting to realize the consequences of our sun exposed youth. As we start to get older, our skin is starting to age and that sun damage is starting to manifest itself. As we get exposed to the sun, we get blotchy sun spots, brown pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.

As a Medical Spa in Orem, we’ve seen that nothing is going to TOTALLY reverse the damage we’ve gotten. But, an IPL is great way to get rid of the physical effects we have received from the sun.

So what is an IPL?

An IPL (or Photofacial) is a phenomenal treatment that gets rid of those unsightly sun spots, redness, melasma, broken capillaries, and even helps tighten pores and get rid of acne. IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light,” and is system that uses a 600 nm wave length to specifically target the superficial pigment in the epidermis.

Translation, it targets the brown pigment in the skin with gentle pulses to get rid of sun spots and other pigmentation issues. Which it turn gives you an all over beautiful skin tone. The best part about an IPL treament is that it’s a fairly quick treatment (45 minutes) and it has very little down time.

If you suffer from sun damage and are looking for a solution, a Photofacial is the treatment for you.

When coming in for a photofacial, there are few things you will want to know!

1. You want to be extremely careful of your sun exposure. You need to stay out of the sun for at LEAST 7-14 days before getting a Photofacial. You want to stay away from any tanning lotions as well.

2. It’s a little uncomfortable. Definitely not unbearable, but not totally relaxing. It feels a little pinchy, some people even compare it to a rubber band snap. Since you don’t want to use numbing cream with this treatment, you can take ibuprofen before to help with any pain.

3. After getting a photofacial, you will have little redness and see your pigmentation get darker and come to the surface. After a couple of days, that pigmentation starts to sluff off, leaving the skin underneath much lighter.

4. With any skincare treatment, how long the results last will depend on how you treat your skin. Because you cannot fully get rid of sun damage, you want to make sure you still wear a good sunscreen before going out in the sun to keep that pigmentation from returning.

5. To see the best results, you will want 4-6 treatments.

At Spa Trouve you can purchase 2 Photofacials and get the 3rd one FREE! Schedule your free consultation with one of our skin care specialists today by calling 801.229.2229.

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