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Sun Damage On Your Mind?

By September 5, 2017October 9th, 2017No Comments

PhotoFacial to the Rescue!

Summer consists of some of the greatest adventures we will take. Beach trips, pool trips,
vacations, hiking, etc. The amount of fun adventures we take is endless, but what effect are
those adventures having on your skin long after summer ends? You may not see it now, but sun
damage can have long last effects and make your skin look and feel older than it should.
How do you know if you have sun damage? Sun damage isn’t always easy to spot on your own,
but there are some quick signs that you might have some long term damage. One sign is if you
are experiencing some skin coloring changes that are out of the ordinary for your skin. Another
good sign is you are experiencing drier than normal skin. These signs don’t mean you for sure
have sun damage, but they can be an indicators that you might.

Is it treatable? Of course!

IPL PhotoFacials are a great way to help reverse the effects of sun
damage on your skin! PhotoFacials are a light based treatment that helps undo sun damage on
the skin. Essentially fighting light with light! This treatment also helps repair sun damage on a
genetic level.

The way that this facial works, is by using a the pulsing light to break up concentrations of
melanin in your skin. By lessening these sunspots, you increase your body’s production of
collagen and connective tissue. Leaving behind healthy skin cells that make you skin appear
smoother and brighter!

This procedure is minimally invasive. Usually you just need to be sure to avoid sun exposure for
the first week after the treatment. Not only do PhotoFacials help with sun damage, but it has
also been used to treat rosacea, large pores, age spots, facial veins, and even wrinkles. Its a
jack of all trades in skincare.

So help your skin, and reverse those long summer days spent basking in the sun. Come in
today for a free consultation, and see how ILP PhotoFacials could help your skin!

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