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Laser Hair Removal

What Laser Hair Removal Can Do For Your Skin

By March 30, 2019No Comments

The name explains what it does – Laser Hair Removal. I think that it’s not too difficult to grasp, but did you know that the laser also improves the texture and appearance of your skin?

Laser hair removal is like 3 skin improving services all wrapped up into one.

We tend to focus on the amazing benefits of getting rid of seriously annoying hair. And that’s a huge plus, but it’s also important to know that our Utah laser hair removal machines also work on the surface of the skin to remove old damage from the sun, like freckles and discoloration. In some cases it can also improve pore size and help with overall skin tone.

The lasers we use in our Utah spas are serious machines. We use only the best technology and our technicians are highly trained. Deep down in the lower layers of the skin (the dermis), our lasers heat up the lower layers of tissue, which stimulates the production of new collagen and helps rebuild tissue. Collagen and new tissue growth is what keeps the skin tight and plump and looking youthful.

Laser hair removal improves the quality of your skin at every layer. Here’s how it happens:


This is the main reason our clients come to us for this service. Hair is annoying. Shaving is annoying. Permanently removing the hair and not having to shave is a no-brainer. Hairless skin looks great and feels amazing


Removing the hair follicle provides a smoother appearance. Laser hair removal can also improve skin texture by working on sun spots and evening skin tone. Many of our clients see improvement in skin texture and tone after around 6 treatments. Hair free is great, but hair free and smooth, great tone and texture is amazing.


Like we stated above, laser hair removal can help stimulate tissue growth and increase collagen production. This is huge. Stimulating these functions helps bring nutrients to the skin in the affected areas, increase volume (which can tighten the skin around it), and make the skin look supple, youthful and full of life!

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