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Bank Your Bucks – Our Loyalty Program

What is it? Our goal at Spa Trouvé is to transform your life, and help you FIND the unsurpassed results that you have always been seeking. The Spa Trouvé Loyalty Program is a layaway program designed to make our treatments affordable to you, and provide you with the most optimal outcomes.

How does it work? The Loyalty Program works by allowing you to bank your money towards skincare and injection services. Each month, money will be withdrawn from your account and put into a “bank” at Spa Trouve. This “banked” money can be used towards the skincare and/or injection services of your choice every month.

Are there other perks? In addition to being able to bank your money towards services, you will receive discounts on all of the treatments, and 10% off skincare products. These discounts apply as long as you are a part of the program.

Does it expire? The Loyalty Program never expires. You may cancel with a 30 day notice after you have completed the first annual year of the contract, but any remaining money will need to be used towards the skincare and injection services offered at Spa Trouvé

How do I get started? Getting started is simple. All you do is choose the layaway program that best fits your lifestyle, complete an application, sign for authorization, and you’re good to go. Any team member at our spa is willing and happy to help you.

Our Promises to You:
In exchange for trusting us with your treatment to transformation, we promise you the following:

  • Complimentary numbing prior to every skincare service
  • Complimentary touch-ups (up to 4 units) if you have a lack of desired results from Botox/Dysport treatments
  • Unsurpassed treatment experiences performed by highly certified and trained technicians using state of the art devices
  • The most optimal results that are backed by client reviews

Now, let’s get your transformation started!


Are you ready to join the C❄️❄️L CLUB? Spa Trouvé is launching the first CoolSculpting Membership that gives you the freedom to sculpt when and where you want – UNLIMITED – with 6-month and 12-month memberships available that will save you up to $150 per cycle and comes with plenty of perks!

6-Month Membership
❄️ $500 non-refundable membership buy-in
❄️ Unlimited treatments at $100 off our lowest printed pricing per cycle

12-Month Membership
❄️ $1,000 non-refundable membership buy-in
❄️ Unlimited treatments at $150 off our lowest printed pricing per cycle

+ take advantage of these membership perks:
❄️ 20% off alastin transform products
❄️ 20% off one skin care treatment of choice
❄️ $10/unit on one Botox/Dysport treatment
❄️ 10% off one filler treatment (lips, cheeks, jaws, chin)

You’ll also receive back up to $25 per cycle in Allē Rewards and we accept Care Credit!

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