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Spa Trouvé takes skincare seriously. We offer a variety of treatments and procedures that have been clinically proven to improve the health and overall appearance of many different skin types.


Patients can attest to the fact that the medical grade facials offered at Spa Trouvé are an incredible benefit to all types of skin. Spa Trouvé facials are not only relaxing, but also address skin concerns specific to the individual.

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Diamond Glow Facial

We’re excited to announce that Spa Trouvé is one of the first spas in Utah to offer the Diamond Glow Facial! This amazing facial can volumize skin up to 70% and improve tone and texture.

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Chemical Peels

This procedure can be used alone, or as a compliment to more aggressive treatments such as laser resurfacing or laser skin tightening. Whatever its use, its purpose is incredibly beneficial: a chemical peel encourages new cells, and fresh skin to develop.

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Dermaplaning treatments can be added to other facial/skincare services or done on their own. It’s a quick and easy way to refresh and give your skin a glow. This treatment removes the peach fuzz and layer of dead skin on your face. It smooths the skin and helps with product absorption and makeup application. Your skin will seriously feel so soft. Walk out of our Utah spas with a glow!

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IPL PhotoFacial

Spa Trouvé offers the best in skin rejuvenation procedures. In Utah County, our IPL PhotoFacial technology is the first of its kind – a powerful, yet comfortable and safe machine. Gain dramatic improvement from skin imperfections with its powerful bi-polar radio frequency and IPL light therapy combination.

Patients of Spa Trouvé who suffer from the effects of sun exposure and broken capillaries leave this procedure with reduced brown and red spots, feeling younger and rejuvenated. Our laser treatments are performed by our master estheticians, who are specially-trained to perform these procedures. Visit our Meet the Team page to learn more about them.

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Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation

This is one of the best options for non-ablative skin rejuvenation. Our qualified providers have the ability to improve tone, texture and color with the Syneron Elos Plus. This versatile technology is a safe way to reverse the signs of aging for all skin types and colors.

The procedure targets the collagen and elastin production of your own skin. Our patients avoid the risk and down-time that comes with traditional ablative resurfacing. Women and men with crepey skin and facial lines are incredibly satisfied with their renewed elasticity and reduced pore size.

Sometimes to treat skin problems, we need to dive a little deeper within the skin. Spa Trouvé offers multiple ways to treat the issue at its source.

Skin Tightening

The certified laser technicians at Spa Trouvé use ND: YAG and ER:YAG lasers to tighten the stubborn skin on the face, neck, chest and underarms that becomes loose over time. This treatment is most effective for crepey skin. Immediately after treatment, patient’s skin will appear refreshed. After a full series of treatments, the skin will actually produce new elastin fibers, resulting in tighter, younger-looking skin.

Ematrix Sublative Technology

Patients frustrated with sun damage, acne scars or fine lines and wrinkles are excited about the EMATRIX Sublative Technology. This non-surgical procedure uses radio-frequency waves to pass through the top layer of the skin and heat cells below the surface. Without damaging the surrounding tissue, the heat results in the production of your skin’s own natural collagen. Patients typically see results immediately after the first visit; the effects last up to a year following treatments.


Spa Trouvé is excited to offer a solution to acne scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles that doesn’t require the use of a laser. Utah County now has access to Microneedling, a series of treatments indicated for all skin types that provides great results with little-to-no down time. The rapid succession of the treatment encourages epidermal healing; the result is collagen stimulation with reduced pain and discomfort.


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