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How Does Coolsculpting Work?

By June 30, 2017October 9th, 2017No Comments

It’s all the rage right now! The idea that you can freeze the fat areas on your body that you aren’t too happy with. Or maybe it’s an area that the gym just can’t reach? Coolsculpting is quickly becoming the answer to a lot of these problems, but what exactly is coolsculpting and how can it benefit you?

CoolSculpting before and after

Coolsculpting is a great way to tweak and sculpt those areas you just don’t like. It’s not painful, and you can even be back to work the same day. Results vary, but can be seen within 3 weeks of treatment, and best results are seen at 3 months.

Now how is it performed?

The first step in the process is to cleanse the area before application. Making sure that the area is clear for application. Then we apply the applicator to the area that is being worked on. Spa Trouve is also the first in the valley to have different sized applicators for any area on your body.

When the applicator is applied, it sucks in the fat and freezes it to -11 degrees celsius. This is the magic temperature that freezes, crystallizes, and gets rid of your fat. It literally freezes your fat away. The whole process takes about 35 minutes to complete.

Results vary, but most patients only have to complete 1-2 treatments at most to receive the desired effect. Optimal results are a 20-25% fat reduction is each area treated. Some of the areas you can treat include: arms, inside of knees, backs, stomach, thighs, etc.

So now you know, coolsculpting is easier than you think, and not as much of a mystery as some may seem. It’s really pretty simple. So stop hating your stubborn fat areas. Come in and freeze them away!

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