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Smooth Summer Skin With Laser Hair Removal

By July 18, 2018No Comments

Ever wonder how some people’s legs and body look amazingly smooth and silky? It’s time to let you in on their secret – Laser Hair Removal!

Our Utah laser hair removal offices in Draper, Orem, Highland and Salt Lake City are here to help you get the summer smooth skin you’ve always dreamt of! We have amazing deals (like the one below for July) and even Utah laser hair removal memberships all year long!

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If you have unwanted body or facial hair, you’re missing out on one of the modern miracles of today’s beauty society! Laser hair removal has done wonders for many women and men alike. Talk to anyone who has done it (from a reputable Utah medical spa), they’ll let you know how amazing it is to not have to wax, shave or bleach at all, or as much as they used to.


Yes! Laser hair removal is typically less painful than waxing and it’s permanent! Say goodbye to waxing every 3 weeks! After a few treatments you’ll see the difference in how smooth your skin is.


Yes! Laser hair removal really does work. The amount of treatments it takes to work can vary, depending on skin and hair type.


The treatments only last a few minutes long. Our laser hair removal machines use highly concentrated energy to target hair follicles through light pulses. The energy produced by the laser is attracted to dark pigments. This is why laser hair removal works most effectively on individuals with darker hair and lighter skin. The higher the contrast between the hair and the area around it, the better.

The laser pulse feels similarly to a rubber band snap to the area being treated. Depending on how large the area is, the more pulses you’ll need to treat the hair in that area. Pain tolerances differ vastly from one person to another, but for almost everyone, the “rubber band snaps” are tolerable.

After your treatment, over the next 1-3 weeks, you’ll see the treated hair follicles shedding out of the skin. This is a good sign that it’s working! You’ll see that even after the first treatment, the amount of hair reduction can be significant!

Watch these videos for an idea of how it works:

Laser Hair Removal is for men too:

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As we said above, laser hair removal does work easily on those with light skin and darker hair. This does not mean, however, that it won’t work on individuals with darker skin. It just requires us to make a few adjustments to the laser machine. Our machines have different settings for just about every complexion type and hair type. During your initial treatment you will go through a consultation with our expert Utah laser hair removal technicians. They’ll help you set expectations and make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire treatment process.

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