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The 411 on Photofacials

By September 20, 2018No Comments

There are a lot of different skin treatments in the medical spa world and it’s hard to keep them all straight. Some of our most commonly asked questions are “What is a photofacial?” and “Should I get one?”. We’re here to answer those questions today!

What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial is a skin treatment that uses light based technology to boost collagen, improve overall skin texture, lighten the skin, minimize brown spots, and reduce broken capillaries.

There are two main types of photofacials – Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED). LED photofacials are typically used for minor skin problems, as it is a much gentler and slower process. This type of photofacial uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen. At least 6 LED Photofacials are recommended to see results.

IPL photofacials are much stronger and produce much more drastic results. Whether you’re looking to treat a major acne breakout or if youre worried about your wrinkles, IPL photofacials could be your best option. IPLs are used to treat brown spots, broken capillaries, redness and even spider veins.

Our Utah IPL photofacial technicians use a hand held device to deliver a blast of light to your skin. You’ll feel the heat from the machine but our technicians will make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. This amazing treatment can help you achieve optimal results in a short amount of time.

Should I get a Photofacial?

If you suffer from blotchy, sun damaged, or discolored skin, an IPL photofacial may be the right treatment for you! It helps with skin texture, pore visibility, wrinkles, freckles, rosacea and much more! Our experienced IPL licensed technicians can assess your skin and help you set expectations for results during a free consultation at one of our Utah medical spas.

People with light, untanned skin are typically the best candidates for IPL photofacials. If your skin is darker, the benefits of this treatment can also be experienced but additional treatments may be needed.

This skincare treatment is a great way to quickly clear up your skin, diminish blemishes and keep wrinkles at bay. If you’re planning on going on a sunny vacation in the near future, it may be best to avoid this treatment until you know you’ll be completely away from the sun’s harmful UV rays as they can agitate your skin after treatment.

What’s an IPL Photofacial Treatment like?

The treatment process of our Utah IPL Photofacials typically takes round 10-20 minutes. Each person has a different pain tolerance but most experience little to no pain. The machine does feel pretty warm on the skin but our technicians will check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable during the treatment process. We do apply cooling gel to the area before treatment to help ease any discomfort. After the treatment you will receive some instructions for care post treatment. This typically includes not applying makeup or cleansers to the area for a few hours and to apply high quality sunscreen if you will be outdoors at all.

The recovery time for IPL photofacials is typically pretty short. Depending on your skin type, you may experience redness for a few hours to up to a week. Avoiding sun exposure and harsh chemicals or scents is helpful for recovery and optimal results.

The technology used in these treatments isn’t offered by just any old spa, and not all photo facial machines are created equal. It is important to go to a reputable medical spa with expert technicians who know how to assess each skin type and perform the treatment correctly.

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