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The Trouvé Trifecta

By July 11, 2018No Comments

Our master estheticians are constantly asked what skincare products to use by our amazing clients. Without fail, the answer, for almost all skin types is to cover your basics with the Trouvé Trifecta.

What is the Trouvé Trifecta?

The Trouvé Trifecta is a skincare holy grail starter kit that our skin experts at our Utah medical spas have tried and tested. It covers the essentials – anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, correction and skin protection!

Our amazing skincare starter kit comes with these three amazing products:

  1. Skinbetter AlphaRet Cream
  2. Skinbetter Alto Defense Serum
  3. Elta MD UV Clear Tint Sunscreen

Using these three amazing skincare products on the regular will get you on the path to some serious #skingoals.


This amazing facial night cream is a unique combination of an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a retinoid that leaves skin looking rejuvenated with little-to-no irritation. Compared to other retinol-based products, this one takes the cake.

Our Utah skincare clients are seeing amazing results within the first few weeks of using this product nightly. It has been known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and counteract dryness with extreme moisture (without looking oily). Our clients with dry skin (very common in this dry Utah weather) are coming back looking much more hydrated and plump.

Skinbetter A-Team Duo – has the Alto Defense Serum & Alpha Ret Overnight Cream!


We love Skinbetter products so much we added this amazing serum to our Trifecta because of it’s amazing antioxidant powers. This award-winning formula delivers 19 antioxidant ingredients to your face to neutralize free radicals. Our Utah medical spas see dramatic differences in our client’s skin tone, vitality and radiance. It’s also a great product for anyone experiencing redness and dryness around the nose and mouth.


We know we sound like a broken record, but more than 80% of the signs of aging are caused by sun damage. That’s huge! Luckily there have been major advances in sunscreen technology, and we’ve tried them all. Elta MD UV Clear takes the cake. This little bottle of gold is a daily must have for all of our estheticians and #skincareobsessed clients. It’s got amazing physical SPF blockers (Zinc Oxide) that keep you protected all throughout the day without looking chalky. It sinks in and doesn’t leave a white trace like other physical spf sunscreens. It has a really natural looking tint to it that blends in with almost any skin color and works well under makeup. We seriously can’t live without it!

Our favorite sunscreen – hands down!

This product is great for those with sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation or acne-prone skin. It has lactic acid, AHA, antioxidants, Vitamin E and more!

Trouvé Trifecta instructions

Looking to up your skincare game? We’ve got you covered with the Trouvé Trifecta! Come in or call us for more information. We carry these amazing Utah skincare products in our offices in Salt Lake City, Draper, Highland and Orem!

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