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With every new year there comes new year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to lose weight,
eat healthier, be more prompt, or maybe even to plan better. There are hundreds of different
resolutions you could set for yourself. But what is the best way to both treat yourself this year,
and do something to help improve yourself? How about a Spa Trouve membership?

Our VIP memberships offer the best prices and deals on all of our services and products, and it
is a gift that keeps on giving! Your skincare is something that should be constantly worked on,
not just treated once and left alone. A VIP membership is an investment into your skincare for
the whole year. You will work hand in hand with your personalized master esthetician to create
a plan personalized for your skin.

Need Coolsculpting this month? Microneedling next month? Don’t worry about the price, your
monthly membership fees are being banked each month for you to use as you want. Not to
mention, as a VIP member, you will be getting the best prices we offer on all services and

Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a few treatments at Spa Trouvé in Utah, but haven’t had the
opportunity to pay for them? A VIP membership not only gives you the best price, but it will also
allow you to make smaller monthly payments to start banking money towards your service.

Investing in yourself this year, should start with an investment into your long term skin care
routine. Investing now in your skin will not only help improve the current state of your skin, but
will have a long term benefit to your skin, and the earlier you start investing in your skin, the
better off you will be as your skin ages.

Laser hair removal is for men too!

So make 2018 the year you make the health of your skin a priority! You can call us today to
schedule a FREE consultation
to get all of your questions answered!

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